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Bars & Controls

Bars & Controls

Shop the best deals on new and used bars and controls for your dirt bike from your favorite brands like Renthal, Pro Taper, and more! Shop MX Locker for the largest selection of new and used bars and controls. From handlebars and grips to levers and cables, discover items from sellers around the world. Upgrading your bars and controls can improve your riding position, reduce fatigue, and enhance your bike's handling. Explore top brands such as Renthal and Pro Taper on MX Locker.


Take Control of Your Ride with Top-Quality Dirt Bike Handlebars & Controls 

Get ready to dominate the trails with precision and comfort by exploring our extensive collection of new and used dirt bike handlebars and controls on MX Locker. Whether you're a rider seeking better handling or looking to customize your bike, we have the perfect handlebars, grips, levers, and more to match your bike and enhance your riding experience.


Discover the Perfect Handlebars & Controls for Your Dirt Bike 

Your bike's handlebars and controls are critical for achieving optimal handling and control. Explore a wide range of options, from handlebars and grips to levers and throttle assemblies. Find the ideal components that fit your bike, improve your control, and elevate your riding game.

Upgrade Your Ride, Upgrade Your Control

Your choice of handlebars and controls can significantly impact your dirt bike's performance. Invest in top-quality components that offer durability, adjustability, and precise control. Browse through various options to fine-tune your setup and enhance your riding experience.