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We're MX Locker
A marketplace created for the dirt bike community.

About Us

At MX Locker, we believe a life on two wheels is a life well-lived!

We're a small team of individuals with a passion for dirt bikes with a mission to make dirt bike riding more affordable and accessible to our community.

For Ryan, founder of MX Locker, it started by buying new and used gear and parts throughout college to keep up with the expensive hobby. Since the founding of MX Locker in 2017, we've grown from a single seller platform to a community of thousands of members from around the world.

We're proud to empower our online MX Locker community to buy and sell riding gear, bike parts and dirt bikes. Our community is what makes MX Locker, MX Locker.
Who we are
Ryan Amoils
Ryan Amoils
Andrew Samole
Andrew Samole
Nick Tomasunas
Nick Tomasunas

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