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MX Locker has the lowest fees in the market.
Listing an item is always free on MX Locker. Fees are charged when an item sells or when a service is used. The following chart explains fees on MX Locker.
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Bike Parts
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Built for Riders, by Riders.
Why sell on MX Locker?
Built for the dirt bike community
Created by riders, MX Locker was was designed specifically for the dirt bike industry.
5-star buyer community
Millions of high-quality prospective buyers from all over the world search for gear on MX Locker.
Secure transactions & shipping
You can feel confident selling on a trusted platform with hassle-free shipping options.
24/7 MX support
Our team of fellow riders is ready and available to help you around the clock.

Trusted by over 20,000+ sellers

MX Locker is my go to place to buy and sell riding gear. Sold my Fox Instincts through the app and the entire process was so easy!
This app has allowed me to get out of spam emails and calls, it's allowed me to move my un-used or not being used items. It's also allowed me to build a very competitive motorcycle for racing use with a budget.
Best place to turn old gear and parts into cash. Highly recommend using this site over eBay or any other marketplace. It's built specifically for the dirt bike community!
Very simple experience. Most efficient process to sell dirt bike gear and parts, and able to make some extra cash!
I have bought and sold a little over $10,000 worth of products through the app so far, and my experience has been phenomenal. Highly recommended for both buyers and sellers of new and pre-owned products!
How does MX Locker help sellers?
MX Locker was built for riders, by riders. Reach a targeted audience, and discover tools and resources to help drive online sales from around the world.
MX Locker Seller Protection
As a seller on MX Locker, you are fully protected against fraud and chargebacks.
For Riders, by Riders.
Reach a broad, targeted audience and increase your sales.
Shipping with MX Locker
Live tracking for your customers, discounted shipping labels, and a seamless shipping experience.
New items listed everyday
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Fox V1 Helmet
STARK Plastics
STARK Plastics
2023 KTM 450 SX-F Air Boot OEM Airboot Filter Intake Husqvarna SXF 250 350 FC
RM250/RM125 Carbon Fiber Case Saver
See all
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Frequently Asked Questions
What types of products can I sell on MX Locker?

MX Locker is a specialized marketplace for motocross and dirt bike enthusiasts, so we only allow products related to these activities. This includes things like protective gear, apparel, accessories, and parts.

How do I create a seller account on MX Locker?

To become a seller on MX Locker, simply visit our website and click on the “Sell on MX Locker” button. Follow the prompts to create an account, and then you’ll be able to start listing your products for sale.

Is it free to sell on MX Locker?

Yes, creating a seller account on MX Locker is free. However, there are fees associated with selling products on the platform. These include a transaction fee and a commission fee, which vary depending on the product category.

How do I list my products for sale on MX Locker?

Once you’ve created a seller account, you can start listing your products by logging into your account and selecting the “Create a Listing” option. You’ll need to provide information about the product, including a description, photos, and pricing.

How do I manage my sales on MX Locker?

MX Locker provides a seller dashboard that allows you to manage your sales, track your earnings, and communicate with buyers. You’ll receive notifications when you make a sale, and you can use the dashboard to update your product listings, process orders, and more.

What happens if there’s an issue with a sale or a buyer?

MX Locker has a dispute resolution process in place to help sellers and buyers resolve any issues that may arise during a transaction. Our team is available to assist with disputes and can provide guidance on how to resolve the issue fairly.

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