Seller Obligations

In order to ensure the integrity of our marketplace, and build trust amongst buyers and sellers on MX Locker, we enforce strict seller obligations amongst our sellers.

Accurate Descriptions

Provide Accurate Descriptions

Make sure to accurately describe your item so the buyer received the item as described.


Ship within 3 business days

We ask sellers to ship within 3 days. If you are experiencing a delay, please reach out to your seller directly or ask us to step in. If the item is not shipped within 7 business days, your order will automatically will be cancelled and refunded. By failing to ship your order, your account will be charged with our Seller Cancellation Fee.

Accurate Descriptions

Keep Listings Fresh

Remove items you are no longer selling. If you sell an item you no longer have, your seller account will be responsible for our seller cancellation penalty.

Shipping Obligations

If you sell through MX Locker, you are responsible for shipping the products. Sellers must ship and provide tracking information within 7 days of when buyer submits payment, otherwise the order will be canceled, and the buyer refunded.

Seller Cancellation Penalty

In order to build trust on our marketplace and not hurt the sales of other sellers on MX Locker, a fee equivalent to 11% of the transaction price (with a minimum charge of $10 USD or local currency equivalent) will be assessed to your account if you fail to ship your item or fulfill your order. As a seller on MX Locker, you are responsible for keeping your listings up to date and fees will be imposed by failing to do so.

MX Locker is a marketplace made up of real buyers and sellers just like you. With this in mind, we want to make sure that all sellers have ample time to ship out their sales while also making sure that buyers get their items in a timely manner.

All sellers are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products on MX Locker. Seller offenses and prohibited conduct can result in the suspension of your MX Locker account.