MX Locker Balance

Earning money from sold items.

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How it Works

MX Locker Balance is a safe place where sellers' earnings are stored, no matter how buyers pay. At MX Locker, we take the headache out of payment processing and fraud, and all earnings are stored on your MX Locker balance.

Buyer places an order.
Payment is stored in escrow with MX Locker, and appears under “pending” on your MX Locker balance.
Seller ships item.
Sellers are required to ship within 3 business days. Once the item is delivered, buyers can confirm delivery or the order will complete automatically after 48 hours.
Get paid.
Funds will move from “pending” to “available”. You can cash out your funds, or use them towards items on MX Locker.



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Cash Out
Why do we have MX Locker Balance?
Delaying the availability of funds is a common practice in online marketplaces. We implement this to help ensure that MX Locker is safe and secure for both buyers and sellers.

With MX Locker Balance, if something goes wrong, we may refund the buyer, though you can mutually agree on a different resolution.
When do I get paid?
Once your item is purchased, the payment will show as pending on your MX Locker balance. The money becomes available on your MX Locker balance once the item has been delivered and the buyer taps “Items Received”. If the buyer never hits that button, the money will automatically become available after 2 days. You can either keep your money on your MX Locker balance, or withdraw it after each sale.

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