MX Simulator Team

Check out details below on MX Locker’s team on MX Simulator. 

MX Simulator Pro Team

You can find the Pro Team racing every Wednesday night at 9:30 EST during the Supercross Season. The teams race the real life supercross tracks of the Monster Energy Super cross tracks before the pros take the track on Saturday nights. The races are live streamed on Start Your System YouTube channel so make sure to check it out! The Pro Team members are Zoa Cross, Ryan Spengler, Austin Bear, Trevor Doiron, Chase Dunivant, Dylan Love, Gustavo Diniz and Jett Wisdom. 

Zoa Cross

Ryan Spengler

Austin Bear

Trevor Doiron

Chase Dunivant

Dylan Love

Gustavo Diniz

Jett Wisdom

Amateur Team

The Amateur Team members are Hunter Mead, Austin Robbins and Nick Tomasunas. 

Hunter Mead

Austin Robbins

Nick Tomasunas

What is MX Simulator?

MX Locker is excited to announce they will be having a 2020 Team. We have a great group of guys racing this Season that support the game, and enjoy hanging out with each other. With that said we are excited to get some racing going, see you all on the track! Learn more about the team here.

MX Simulator Team

If you love motocross and want a place where you can create your same love for the sport but online check out more about Mx Simulator and MX Locker’s team. The tracks are constantly changing and the riders are top notch! It’s seriously like nothing else and we at MX Locker love this online motocross game. Can’t wait to see you all on the track. 


You can find out more information about the game on Reddit or check out the MX Locker teams epic ride on YouTube

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