When will my order ship?

Once tracking is added to your order, live tracking can be found on your purchases page. The majority of sellers ship their orders within a couple days of a purchase. However, there are times when the Seller may be on vacation or face other circumstances which prevents them from shipping promptly. We recommend communicating with the Seller for more information regarding shipping time.

How do I avoid scams?

Keep all negotiations, sales and purchases within MX Locker for riding gear and bike part purchases. Buyer and seller protection is our top priority. We can only offer MX Locker Buyer and Seller protection if you keep the transaction and all communications related to the transaction on MX Locker.

My order never shipped or I didn’t receive my item?

The Seller doesn't get paid until you’ve received the item in its promised condition. If the item never ships, you will be refunded in full. Your payment is fully protected. MX locker automatically canceled and refunds all orders after 21 days, unless an extension has been requested by the Buyer and Seller.

How do I get paid?

Once your item is purchased, the payment will show as pending on your MX Locker balance. They money becomes available once the item has been delivered and the buyer taps “Items Received”. If the buyer never hits that button, the money will automatically become available after 2 days. You can either keep your money on your MX Locker balance, or withdraw it after each sale.

What are the fees?

Riding Gear and Bike Parts: Listing items on MX Locker is free. When you make a sale, we take a small fee. MX Locker’s fees are lower than any other sports marketplace, including eBay. When an item sells, there is a 8% commission (plus applicable PayPal/Stripe fees: 2.9% + 30 cents) so the total charge will be around 11% of the total sale price.

Dirt Bikes: When listing a dirt bike on MX Locker, you can select a different exposure package for your listing. There is no selling fee if a bike sells through MX Locker.

What is the best advice for selling products?

Take some time uploading and taking good photos of whatever you are selling! Listings with good photos tend to sell better than those with minimal, low quality photos.

How do I get in contact with the team?

For fastest replies, please email us at support@mxlocker.com