MATT DONALDSON got started airbrush painting about ten years ago when he found himself working in a surfboard factory in South Africa. He soon began designing paint jobs on surfboards for the company and close friends; which led him working in the surf shop for around five years and that’s where he picked up airbrushing.

That next led him into other painting gigs, such as in the motocross community as he has been riding since he was ten years old. Matt got back into the motocross scene in 2012 and started painting his own helmets which gained attention from local riders and those across social media. With a ton of local and social media attention, Matt continues to paint helmets daily and excel in his work.

Check out some of his work in the photo galleries and if you are interested in a custom painted helmet for yourself click the button below and fill out the inquiry form today!

*Custom helmet designs vary in price from $375-$800.

  • Be sure to include what your interests are, the budget you have in mind and when you would like it completed. We will need to collect ideas and assets such as: photos, drawings, colors, names, and any other pertinent information for your design to be considered in the quote process.

*Pricing does not include the price of a helmet.


$ 400
  • 1 ~ 2 Hours Design Time
  • Simple Designs
  • 2 ~ 4 Colors
  • Straight-Line Graphics
  • Lettering
  • Numbers+Pin Striping
  • Additional

Average to Detailed

$ 500 - 700
  • 3 ~ 6 Hours Design Time
  • Airbrushing
  • 2 ~ 8 Colors
  • Chrome Base Designs
  • Candy Colors
  • Lettering
  • Number or Pin Striping


$ 700 - 1000
  • Flake
  • 6 ~ 8 Hours Design Time
  • Detailed Airbrushing
  • 2 ~ 8 Colors
  • Full Theme Designs
  • Candy Colors
  • Lettering
  • Numbers & Pin Striping
  • Lettering or Character
  • Work
  • Numbers or Pin Striping

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