Mountain Bike Bikes



Whether you're shopping for your first mountain bike or upgrading your existing ride, you'll find plenty of great options at just the right price point on MX Locker. Explore our collection of bikes from the most popular brands, like Specialized, Stacyc, Tazer, Fantic and many more. To help make your shopping experience a little easier, here are a few quick tips to consider when picking up a new bike.


For beginners, start with the basics

If this is your first mountain bike, make sure that you're read through a size guide so you can ride your bike comfortably. Remember to not just look at your overall height, but to measure the inside and outside of your leg height. Adult bikes are most commonly measured by their frame size and kids bikes are measured by their wheel size. Once you've narrowed down to the right size, you'll want to find a bike that works well for the type of terrain you plan to ride.


Compare mountain bike types

There's more to choose from than you might expect when shopping for a new or used mountain bike, but one of the most helpful things to keep in mind is that there are four main types of mountain bikes: cross country, trail mountain, all mountain or enduro, and downhill or freeride bikes. The type of bike you buy largely depends on how you plan on using the bike. Make sure that you compare different models before settling on the right type.


Get the right wheels and suspension

There are tons of different wheel sizes to choose from, as well as suspension types. The most common types of wheels range between 26 in for responsiveness and maneuverability to 29 in that are known for giving you a healthy dose of momentum. For suspension, most mountain bikes come equipped with dual suspension, but make sure to make attention to the suspension specs to make sure it will perform well on the activities you're thinking of riding.


Remember to not get too caught up in all the bells and whistles if this is your first bike! Find the basics and a great fit and you should be able to enjoy the ride!