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It’s simple to list your item. Click here to upload an item. Every listing has a “Buy it Now” price meaning a buyer can purchase your item at whatever price you assign to the listing. Buyers also have the option to submit an offer underneath your asking price. You will have the offer to accept or reject that offer. 

Once someone has paid for your item, you’ll have the option to print a shipping label for that order. The buyer will be provided a tracking number connected to the shipping label. 

The payment will be deposited in your MX Locker Seller Dashboard and you’ll be able to withdraw funds to a PayPal account once the order has been approved by the buyer or 72 hours after the package has been delivered. As long as the buyer doesn’t open a dispute, you’ll be able to cash out no more than three days after the package has been delivered.

Offers on MX Locker are non-binding. If you come to an agreement on price with a buyer, make sure to adjust price on the product page and message them back mentioning price has been adjusted to their offer price! 

We collect and hold the payment once a buyer purchases your item. The funds in your MX Locker dashboard will become “Available” as soon as the buyer has approved the sale or 72 hours after the item has arrived at the buyer’s address — whichever comes first. When your funds are “Available”, you can cash out.

If the buyer never confirms that their order has been received, your funds are automatically available after 72 hours. If your buyer opens a dispute regarding the condition of the item, they will have to enter the MX Locker dispute process to prove that the order is worthy of a return and a refund.

We always defer to tracking for an order. If tracking shows that the package has been delivered, MX Locker considers the order delivered, even if the buyer claims otherwise. MX Locker will never refund an order that is “In Transit” to its destination unless it has been determined that the package has been lost by the assigned carrier.

Keeping communications on MX Locker is to your benefit. When communication stays on the site, you’re guaranteed MX Locker seller protection.

Cashing out for your items is also secure. MX Locker uses Stripe to process payments and uses PayPal for payouts.

Listing items on MX Locker is free. When you make a sale, we take a small fee. MX Locker’s fees are lower than any other sports marketplace, including eBay. 

  • When an item sells (gear/bike parts), there is a 4% commission (plus applicable PayPal/Stripe fees: 2.9% + 30 cents) so the total charge will be around 7% of the total sale price. 
  • Our dirt bikes for sale section is completely free. Zero listing fees. Zero seller fees. 

For fastest replies, please email us at support@mxlocker.com

Please note all of the listings in the marketplace are in USD.

Take some time uploading and taking good photos of whatever you are selling! Listings with good photos tend to sell better than those with minimal, low quality photos.

The MX Locker team reviews every product before it is uploaded into the marketplace. Our team makes sure that every product has good photos, the correct description, and is placed into the right category before being published. Your product will show “pending”, and once approved by the team (usually within 24 hours), it will then move to the “published” status!

After your item is sold, you will get an email notification on the order. Per our Buyer Protection Policy, the money is held in escrow with MX Locker until the item is delivered. To better understand the process, we recommend heading checking out our tutorial HERE

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