Shipping Information

All sellers are able to print a prepaid shipping labels upon making a sale through your personalized seller dashboard. The buyer will pay the cost you charge when listing your item. 

Upon making a sale, click “Print Label” from your seller dashboard, print the label, attach the label to your package, and ship! 

Please make sure you ship using the shipping service that is affiliated with your shipping label. For example, if you are shipping using USPS, ship through USPS and if you have generated a UPS label, ship through UPS. 

Yes, MX Locker Seller Assistance is a program that allows you to send your gear to our warehouse.

Please contact our support team by using the live chat at the bottom of the page or you can check out our Seller Assistance Program

Here are the box sizes we recommend for certain items:

  • 10x8x6: Will typically fit one gear set or 2-3 pairs of goggles. 
  • 12x10x8: Will usually fit multiple gear sets. 
  • 14x10x10: Usually fits multiple gear sets, protective equipment.
  • 16x13x13: Best box size for shipping helmets (Can also fit smaller sized boots in this size box).
  • 24x16x6: Best box size for shipping boots!

*It is usually recommended to put fragile stickers and/or protective wrap around items such as helmets.

Shipping through MX Locker is very easy and it allows you to keep track of all your tracking numbers and orders. Also, take advantage of our discounted shipping rates through USPS and UPS!

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