I just sold an item on MX Locker, what’s next?



Money is held in escrow with MX Locker to provide a safe buyer/seller environment on our site. If your order is "processing", that means payment has been received, and you are ready to ship!


Take advantage of our discounted shipping rates by printing a label for your order straight through your seller dashboard. Once you pay for your label, you will receive a tracking # to add to your order. Once you have added the tracking # to your order, mark it as complete.


Once your order is marked as complete, you are now able to withdraw funds from the site.
Hit the "$ Withdrawal" button in your seller dashboard and request payout! The funds are released as soon as the item is delivered to the buyer.


1. Access your Seller Dashboard by clicking on “Seller Dashboard” from the drop down menu.

2. Once in your Seller Dashboard, click the orders tab in the left hand side.

3a. The orders tab will display all the orders you’ve received on MX Locker. If the order has the green circle with three dots, that means payment has been received and the order is ready to ship.

Image 1: Click the Shipping button to add your tracking number and carrier information.

Image 2: If you want to print a label straight through the site, you can also click the carrier rates button.

4. Go ahead and enter your shipping information.

5. Once you enter your tracking information, the order will go into the “Shipped” status.

6. Once in the shipped status, please mark your order as fully “Complete” to withdraw money from the site.

7. Your order is now ready for withdrawal. Below are the two ways to request payouts from the site. Once the withdrawal is requested, the MX Locker payments team will release funds upon delivery of the item. Don’t worry, money is held in escrow with MX Locker to ensure a safe buyer/seller environment!

Have any additional questions? Reach out to us at
orders@mxlocker.com for any questions!

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